Up-To-Date Information for the Press and Public - 25 July 2019

Up-To-Date Information for the Press and Public - 25 July 2019

Brutal murder threats against leading representatives of the MLPD in a new wave of fascist terror

“On 22 July disgusting fascist insults and threats against leading representatives of the MLPD, even including threats of murder, were massively spread in the Internet.“ So reports Monika Gärtner Engel, member of the Central Committee, city councilor and herself repeatedly subject to fascist insults and harassment. Self-appointed “German patriots“ openly threaten on the you-tube-channel “Ultraviolets Eyes“ against the “habitually criminal family-gang of the Gärtner-Engel fascists... We will completely wipe out all of you... We will show no compassion, no mercy and no regret... until you… are all dead.“

Brutal murder threats against leading representatives of the MLPD in a new wave of fascist terror

Stefan Engel, long-standing chairman of the MLPD; party chairwoman Gabi Fechtner; Lisa Gärtner, top candidate of the Internationalist List/MLPD for the European elections; as well as Monika Gärtner-Engel are attacked by name or on video.

As a revolutionary alternative, which appears in more and more focal points in society and often exerts marked influence, the MLPD is especially a thorn in the flesh of fascist forces.

Taking place only a few weeks after the murder of Walter Lübcke, these murder threats are in line with a new wave of fascist terror: bomb threats against mosques and the Karl-Liebknecht-Haus in Berlin and the bomb attack on the left-wing city politician Ramona Gehring in Zittau; in Wächtersbach (Hessia) a man with Eritrean roots was shot down by a fascist. Our full solidarity goes to all of them“, states Monika Gärtner-Engel from the Central Committee of the MLPD.

Preceding many attacks and murders there were uninhibited campaigns in the Internet.“ Therefore, great vigilance, solidarity and the demand that the state take firm action are necessary – even if it is clear, of course, that we will not be intimidated by such threats,“ Monika Gärtner Engel continues.

For the MLPD the bad suspicion arises that important governmental agencies are only seemingly inactive, but partly even directly or indirectly promote fascist activities, like they did in the case of the NSU. Persons on the fascist murder lists are not being informed. Last weekend in the city of Kassel, the party “Die Rechte“ (The Right) was allowed to mock Walter Lübke unhindered, who had been murdered. Jörg Reger, the convicted fascist offender, who had uttered murder threats against me and is known to the authorities, continues to be at large.“

In the 1970s the entire power of the state and media were mobilized against a handful of RAF anarchists with warrants of apprehension, random police controls, road blockings, appeals on TV, etc. - but the search for 476 violent fascist criminals who have gone into hiding is not coming one step forward.

When, at the same time, ugly anticommunist attacks against the MLPD are launched by “reputable sources“, like the board of the foundation “Buchenwald Memorial Site“, then their initiators must be conscious that they promote a hateful anticommunist climate and must take over responsibility for that.

For a long time, the MLPD has been demanding the prosecution of fascist activities, search of all those who issue murder threats and decisive clarification of all attacks in this new wave of fascist terror.

Do not give fascist terror one single inch!

Ban all fascist organizations and their propaganda!