16.05.2013: International information from the MLPD about the trial against the fascist terrorist group NSU

The trial against the female fascist Beate Zschaepe and four other accused fascists, which started on 6 May 2013, charged with the series of murders of the fascist terrorist group „National-Socialist Underground“ (NSU) arouses worldwide interest. Hereby the MLPD wants to inform its international contacts about the far-reaching events connected with that and about some background facts.

For years the MLPD has been demanding the ban of all fascist organizations and their propaganda. For many years this was an absolute minority position. Mainly in the working-class movement this demand in the meantime gains more and more approval and active support.


1. The trial at the district court in Munich is on the surface about the complicity of the fascist Zschaepe and the other accused persons as accomplices in at least 10 murders – nine of them of migrants – and in two bomb attacks and 15 cases of robbery. After the death of the fascists Mundlos and Böhnhardt in late 2011, Zschäpe is the only remaining person of the so-called „NSU trio“. Desperately the public prosecutor's office tries to give the impression, that the terrorist group „NSU“ consisted of only three persons. In fact it is about a series of cold-blooded neo-fascist terror unprecedented since 1945, which was only made possible through a network of at least 120 fascist accomplices and through links with state sections of the secret services, police and committees of inquiry. The democratic public, co-plaintiffs and relatives of the victims demand complete clearing up of this entanglement.


2. The murder series of the „NSU“ against persons from Turkey and Greece was fascist terror and was aimed at racist slander and intimidation of the masses. The authorities always denied any political background and pointed at entanglements with Mafia circles etc.. Today it is known that at least 40 agents of the German domestic secret service „office responsible for defending the constitution“ were active in the sphere of the terrorist group. These parts of the secret service assisted the fascists with money, fake personal identification, supply of weapons and logistic assistance as well as protection against criminal prosecution. The group was protected as well from part of the police forces. Presently this active support cannot be kept secret any longer, but is being played down as “troubles” and „mistakes“.


3. Because of the close connection between the secret services and police apparatus it seems very likely that the NSU terrorist cell is a new variant of the so-called „Stay-Behind-Secret Armies“, which in the year 1980 were responsible for attacks on the Munich beer festival and on the railway station in Bologna/Italy, causing many deaths respectively. The aim is to massively intimidate the population, to terrify people and to push ahead the fascization of the state apparatus.


4. The disclosed connections, however, between state institutions and the NSU terrorist cell don't mean that the German state apparatus is a fascist one or that a seizure of power of fascism is imminent in Germany. The danger of fascism as the openly terrorist form of rule is in the future. For the international super-monopolies a cosmopolitan image is presently important for their international appearance. German imperialism still rules by means of the main method of deception. However, it will not hesitate to use fascists against the masses and their revolutionary leadership in a revolutionary situation. Fascist murder threats against representatives of the revolutionary working class movement and comrades of the MLPD are already increasing.


5. In fact the neo-fascists in Germany are in a deep crisis. In Germany an antifascist consciousness has established deep roots among the mass of the population. Even a temporary increase in the votes – which in most cases was connected with new phenomena in the society - never reached the level of other European countries. Presently fascist organizations suffer heavy losses of members and votes. Lately, in the Land elections in Lower Saxony in early 2013 the neo-fascist NPD lost almost half of its voters ending up with 0.8 percent of the votes. With its finances the party is suffering a crisis as well. Fascist and ultrareactionary forces in Germany up to now have not succeeded in building up a national mass basis – in contrast to other European countries. The systematic work among the rank and file of the MLPD during decades has contributed to that. Owing to the experiences with Hitler fascism amongst the mass of the population and mainly amongst the youth as well a deeply rooted anti-fascist consciousness has developed. The anti-fascist struggle in Germany in the least years has reached a new quality. As soon as a small group of fascists appears somewhere in the public, a many times larger number of demonstrating anti-fascists is present. This development could inflict demoralizing defeats on the fascists like in the successful blockade of Europe-wide fascist demonstrations in Dresden.


6. The masses do not want to sink in capitalist barbarism and are searching for a way out. Modern anti-communism is used as the core of the system of the petty-bourgeois mode of thinking is used world-wide by those in power on the Europe-wide level and worldwide to build a barrier against the revolutionization of the masses. The fascists are the spearhead of anti-communism. Their crisis in Germany deepens the crisis of modern anti-communism too. An anti-anti-communism movement has come into existence. The MLPD with its present offensive for true socialism and against modern anti-communism reaches the thinking, feeling and acting of broader and broader masses. The ant-fascist education is an essential part of this tactical offensive, where the MLPD closely cooperates with revolutionary migrant organizations too.


7. The federal chamber of the German parliament under the impression of the growing anti-fascist consciousness of the masses has started new ban proceedings against the neo-fascist NPD. The MLPD still demands the ban on all fascist organizations ad their propaganda! It carries out an anti-fascist educational work especially amongst children and young people. It establishes the understanding amongst the masses that the danger of fascism will only be eliminated by the overthrow of imperialism and the construction of socialism.

8. One cannot expect real elucidation by class justice, just because parts of the state apparatus were entangled in the crimes. Bourgeois justice wants that the relative of the victims and the anti-fascists word-wide concerned with the series of murder will accept a permanent trial lasting for tow years. The MLPD supports, that the responsible fascists of the „NSU“, all involved neo-fascists and all entangled forces from the secret service, the the police forces and justice are sentenced quickly. The domestic secret service „ office responsible for defending the constitution“ has to be put in the dock and has to be dissolved! Not one inch to the fascists!

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