Following a brutal and politically motivated deportation: Alassa Mfouapon must be returned immediately and be granted political asylum in Germany!

Ellwangen Appeal: Alassa Mfouapon was persecuted for religious reasons in civil-war-torn Cameroon and fled with wife and child in 2014. In Libya he is separated from them, he himself is mistreated in one of the infamous Libyan prisons. After an attempted escape together with others, he is apprehended again and his leg broken.

His wife becomes a victim of sexual assault and flees across the Mediterranean. The two-year-old child drowns before her very eyes. Since then she has been seriously ill and traumatized. He first flees to Italy. In 2017 he comes to Germany and lives together with hundreds of others in the State Refugee Reception Center (LEA) in Ellwangen. Everywhere during his flight, in Libya, Italy or Germany, he soon becomes a confidant, a speaker, a friend and organizer among refugees – their “leader”.

At the LEA on 30 April 2018, police want to deport a colleague from Togo. Many stand together with him in protest, in solidarity and nonviolence. Then the police first withdraw, and the deportation is stopped at the first. However, until today, this elementary solidarity is being defamed in the entire media as violence; a „legal vacuum“ is supposedly threatening. In the night of 3 May 2018, a martial operation with hundreds of police with dogs is conducted in the LEA; doors are smashed, refugees injured and humiliated. The refugee from Togo is arrested and then deported. Is that what a state minister of the Greens understands as “enforcing law and order” against “legal vacuums”?

Alassa Mfouapon and many others oppose this in public and he is quoted in the media. Together with friends, he organizes and registers a press conference and a demonstration on 9 May. „A lot has been said about us, now we are speaking ourselves: We are refugees and not criminals! Stop the deportations!“ Alassa comes into the center of public media coverage and becomes a symbol of the protests against racism and the tightening of asylum laws. He speaks at rallies and congresses in the entire country.

Then he gets the bill! Cynically, on the United Nations World Refugee Day on 20 June, Alassa is taken away like a dangerous criminal from the LEA in a massive police operation in the early morning hours. He is shackled and immediately deported to Italy. This was an inhuman and politically motivated deportation! The consent of the Italian government to return, which is a prerequisite for deportations according to Dublin III, does not exist. This is not allowed according to the prevailing legal situation. For the news agency dpa this is a quiet deportation. However, in order to criminalize him, he is ascribed with putting up resistance. An outright lie!

At the same time, with the master plan of Minister of the Interior Seehofer, the federal government tightens increasingly brutal procedures against asylum seekers and refugees. Italy's government shifts more and more to the right every day, rejects refugees who have been rescued in the Mediterranean, criminalizes sea rescuers and becomes a European-wide forerunner of proto-fascist refugee legislation. Alassa – one for all! Now he needs our solidarity! The democratic public, including colleagues in the factories and trade unions are called upon!


With my signature I support this appeal as an initial supporter with the following concerns and demands:

For the immediate return of Alassa Mfouapon to Germany!

Asylum for fighters like him – against racism and for democracy and freedom!

End deportations! Refugees are not second and third-class human beings!

No to the fortress Europe! Solidarity instead of Seehofer's master plan!








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