Statements and Declarations


Sonntag,  04.02.2024

Internationalism Live What is the perspective of the Palestinian liberation struggle?


Sonntag,  05.11.2023

Statement Stop the imperialist war in the Middle East! Protest against the imperialist aggression of Israel!


Samstag,  01.04.2023

MLPD Basic Position on the Palestinian Liberation Struggle – for the ICOR


Mittwoch,  22.02.2023

Interview Fundamental Conclusions from Profound Changes in Society


Montag,  06.02.2023

Datei Willi Dickhut - An exceptional working-class leader and revolutionary theoretician – role model for youth


Mittwoch,  01.02.2023

Datei Organizational Principles of the Marxist-Leninist Party

Ukraine War Stop the Madness of Warmongering! Strengthen Active Resistance!


Freitag,  11.11.2022

ICOR Resolution Fight the global environmental catastrophe! Fight for the unity of humankind and nature in socialism!


Donnerstag,  25.08.2022

PROGRAMME 40 Years MLPD Anniversary Weekend


Freitag,  15.07.2022

Stefan Engel, Gabi Fechtner, Monika Gärtner-Engel The Ukraine War and the Open Crisis of the Imperialist World System


Donnerstag,  28.04.2022

War in Ukraine The danger of world war is escalating – Come to the countrywide demonstration on 8 May!


Dienstag,  26.04.2022

ICOR MLPD monthly contribution on ICOR website - 13 April 2022


Freitag,  18.03.2022

Ukraine War Dangerous Playing with the Fire of a World War: No NATO into Ukraine - Withdrawal of Russian Troops!


Dienstag,  08.03.2022

Statement of the Central Committee of the MLPD Federal Government Goes Over to Openly Imperialist Foreign and Military Policy - Acute Danger of World War Evoked by Imperialists


Samstag,  26.02.2022

Statement Active resistance against every imperialist aggression - whether of USA/NATO or Russia! Fight against the danger of a world war!


Freitag,  18.02.2022

News Release Scandal deepens: Domestic intelligence service conducted European-wide search for MLPD party leadership


Donnerstag,  20.01.2022

Letter of condolence MLPD protests assassination of "Ka Bok" and condoles


Dienstag,  18.01.2022

Interview with Stefan Engel Opportunism as Futile Way Out of the Crises of Bourgeois Society


Dienstag,  30.11.2021

Interview with Gabi Fechtner "Expand our strengths and overcome the limits we still run up against"


Dienstag,  12.10.2021

Federal Election 2021: Successful tactical offensive of the MLPD, although poor election result Monopolies' desired government fails to come about Unstable formation of government impending


Mittwoch,  04.08.2021

MLPD Press Release Administrative Court Meiningen: Complete success for Stefan Engel and the MLPD 'Potential danger' classification struck down


Sonntag,  13.06.2021

Video The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology and Anticommunism


Sonntag,  06.06.2021

Introduction The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology and Anticommunism


Donnerstag,  29.04.2021

Interview Intensify the Ideological Struggle!


Donnerstag,  18.03.2021

Livestream 150 ans de la commune de Paris


Dienstag,  16.03.2021

Querdenker Gabi Fechtner speaks out clearly: A clear dividing line must be drawn to the fascist Querdenker movement


Donnerstag,  07.01.2021

Statement MLPD condemns fascist coup attempt in the USA – Don’t underestimate the situation!


Samstag,  19.12.2020

No Chance for Anticommunism, Part 3 Frederick Engels – the most underestimated classic


Sonntag,  06.12.2020

No Chance for Anticommunism, Part 4 Lenin - Brilliant Leader of the Struggle against Imperialism and for Socialism

No Chance for Anticommunism, Part 2 Karl Marx